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im impulsive. i talk too much. i procrastinate more than anyone i know. ever. i have little tolerance for stupidity. i hate whiny people. a lot. i hate co-workers who have no work ethic. i love working with teenagers. they're so full of life and hope. until reality rears its ugly head and crushes all their hopes and dreams. i love food. cooking it, reading about it. some day my boss and i hope to have our own catering business. i love yard sales, thrift and antique stores. i collect vintage toys and costume jewelry. i love that my teenage daughter mostly hates my choice of music.
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i have them
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alice in chains, led zeppelin, rhcp, mad season, incubus, nine inch nails, the clash, depeche mode, metallica, david bowie, jimi hendrix, iggy pop, pink floyd, zz top, allman brothers, eric clapton and all of his incarnations, tool, pear jam, soundgarden, ac/dc, disturbed, blues traveler, r.e.m., queen, stevie ray vaughan, marvin gaye, al green, santana, foo fighters, velvet revolver, guns n roses, emerson lake & palmer, king crimson, heart, elvis costello, steely dan, lou reed, new york dolls, sex pistols, the partridge family

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